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Asia Deal Hub is a digital business matchmaking platform, which will drive the partnerships / deals in Asia for everyone. It is a tool for business expansion while contributing to the economic growth in Asia.
Asia Deal Hub Webyansh dashboard

                    Asia Deal Hub uses digitization as a change agent in transforming the deal management in Asia

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UX Research
Memberstack Integration
B2B SaaS
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About the project

Project Overview


The Asia Deal Hub team approached me to design their dashboard and overhaul their digital experience. Their current dashboard had a very bad UX and needed a complete revamp to improve user experience and entice users. Our main challenge was to showcase the initial deal creation modal when a new user gets onboarded. The user's experience for creating the first deal had to be seamless, easy to create and does not overwhelm the user with multiple data and filter points.


We designed a scalable design system to using atomic design concept . For initial deal creation we created a modal with some a good illustration showcasing the entire process of deal creation. Then after clicking the next button, the user will move to the next slide of the modal where they need to enter some details about there deal with the filters and input fields present. Our main focus was to have minimum click points for the user and make the entire process of initial deal creation quite seamless.

UX Research


During the research phase, I collaborated with the founders to gain clarity and alignment around a common goal for the Asia Deal Hub dashboard. Through a series of conversations, research, and audit, we identified the main priorities and determined what made sense to build at that stage. With the founders' deep understanding of the problem and my expertise in UX design, we were able to create a clear vision.

What I did

  1:1 Interviews with Stakeholders
  Competitive Audit
  User Persona

Overhauling UX based on Research

User Experience

I started by meticulously defining every product feature of the MVP, documenting its purpose, logic, error states, and intricate details. This layer of abstraction helped me eliminate unnecessary noise and prioritize the essential aspects of the product. Once we agreed on the functionality of each feature, we confidently moved forward with design proposals. This thorough process ensured that we covered all corner cases to create an intuitive and efficient user experience.

What I did

•   Features documentation with the CEO
•   User Flows
•   Wireframing

Overhauling UX based on Research

Visual Design

In the visual design phase for Asia Deal Hub, I transformed meticulously defined product features and user journeys into visually compelling elements. Collaborating closely with stakeholders, I established a cohesive visual language that aligns with the brand identity. Prioritizing intuitive layouts and clear navigation, I aimed to enhance user experience through strategic use of visual cues. Iterative refinement and user testing ensured the final design exceeded expectations, driving engagement and success for Asia Deal Hub as a premier business matchmaking platform in Asia.

What I did

•   User Onboarding
•   Creating first deal
•   Deal Dashboard
•   Deal Filter
•   Login
•   My Profile
•   Payment
•   Teams
•   Billing
•   Login
•   Pricing

Designing the building blocks of dashboard

Design System

In the design system phase for Asia Deal Hub, I undertook the task of creating a comprehensive framework that would ensure consistency and efficiency across the platform. This involved documenting and organizing all design elements, including typography, colors, icons, and components, into a cohesive system.I began by conducting an audit of existing design assets and identifying areas for improvement and optimization. Drawing on best practices and industry standards, I established guidelines and principles to govern the usage and implementation of design elements.The resulting design system serves as a valuable resource for designers and developers, providing them with a consistent and scalable framework to create and maintain a cohesive user experience

What I did

•   Color
•   Typography
•   Buttons
•   Input fields
•   Icons
•   Dropdowns
•   Shadows & Blurs

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